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Marketing manager, new business manager, directorA marketing or new business professional is responsible for seeking business opportunities, developing proposals and marketing the firm’s practices. Web developer front end/interface systemsA front end developer uses HTML/JavaScript/ASP/ColdFusion and other tools to develop static and dynamic web pages. Web programmer/developer back end systemsA back end programmer works with web server systems and web databases, develops web queries to databases and programs web applications. Web producer, senior producer, executive producerA web producer organizes web development teams and ensures adherence to budget, schedule and design of website development. Content developerA content developer is also known as a web writer or editor. He or she is responsible for the production and repurposing of text/graphic/audio content on sites. So I’m not surprised you were in my top Google results for my search on graphic designer job titles. I’ve referenced your TED talk in a number of my projects and love hearing about what you do. Anyway, I am a recent graduate and just got a job at a media buying firm as the one and only graphic designer, but I don’t know if I can actually claim the title Art Director or Creative Director they told me to create my own title. I’ve been working in the field for three years even though I’m only 21 because I’ve made sure to snag any jobs or internships I can and freelance during my summers. Everyone I work with handles traffic, radio, scripts, auditing, and selling what we do while I do all things visual, which is usually print materials or e blasts. graphic designer career pathway One vinyl vehicle wrap on a fleet car, truck, trailer or van can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions daily — and even more in urban media markets, like Seattle. And vehicle wraps boost name recognition 15 times more than any other form of advertising. It’s inexpensive, practical and an effective way to spread the word about new products and services. And yet thousands of small businesses fail to take advantage of this cost effective marketing tool, while wasting thousands on over priced advertisements. “But it’s not Twitter!” you protest. “And how do I know vehicle wraps actually work?” Sort through the hype here and get the real facts on vehicle wraps — the leading marketing tool for your small business needs. In today’s media saturated world, cost effective advertising is the difference between success and failure. The shift from traditional print campaigns to online marketing has left many small business owners wondering, “What should my company do to stay competitive and get noticed?” Advertising through traditional means, such as the Yellow Pages, is costly and no longer effective. Radio and television advertisements are simply too expensive for most small businesses to afford. And for all the hype, the online world is not any easier or affordable for small businesses. Marketing emails end up unread in the spam bin.


Before enrolling in any postsecondary education program, students should have a strong sense of their long and short term goals including why they’re pursuing this education; the level of schooling they’re prepared to undertake; and what they expect from the program.